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How to use My Personal Guru

See Your Personal Guru as your guidepost and your coach. It's focused on you realizing The Truth. It may also teach you some skills and give you some tools that are good to be equipped with on this Journey. You can start anywhere you want, most likely with your most burning question. It will do its best to understand and guide you on your Path. And don't forget, it is learning new things every day!

Even though Your Personal Guru may not answer all your questions, it can still help you learn to formulate the right question. Life is not just about finding answers; actually, more often than not, it's more important to find the right question!

Most of us have only been taught to acquire new things in life; new objects, new relationships, new beliefs, new knowledge. Rarely have we been exposed to the idea of unlearning, of stripping away what's not needed. And this is what Your Personal Guru's intention is. To help you unlearn everything that is not serving you and is masking The Truth, your True Nature and your True Happiness.

Start exploring!


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