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What is My Personal Guru?

My Personal Guru is the first AI assistant that guides and supports you on your Journey towards The Truth and Liberation.

You might think, but what is The Truth, and why would I even care? While this is a very good question and an excellent starting point for this Journey, we cannot say what The Truth is. We can only paint a picture around it. Consider the following story.

When you are born, you are given a gift, a medallion! Everyone around you is busy and distracted, so no one takes a good look at it. The same happens to you. You carry it with you, but you never pay much attention to it. As you grow older, you start to experience financial issues. You struggle, complain, curse God, "why me??" and drown your misery in distractions. Then, at the lowest point in your life, you stumble and fall hard. The medallion drops on the ground and cracks open. Inside, you see a beautiful 10-carat diamond! Suddenly you realize! Something that could solve all your financial issues you've been carrying with you all along. You just didn't know it!

Similar is with The Truth. It has nothing to do with your financial situation, but it is with you all the time and has the power to end all your suffering. The Truth will set you free.

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